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Illnesses Going Around

As of January 18, 2018, we are seeing the following illnesses.

If your child has symptoms, see our Illnesses page for treatment tips or the specific page to which each illness or condition is hyperlinked. If you're not sure how quickly you need to have your child seen, see our Symptom Decision Chart.

Cold and flu season is getting into full gear. We're seeing a lot of sick kids! 

Illnesses commonly seen in our office this past week:  Dr. Stuppy's Latest and Popular Blogs:
Yes, we have flu vaccines in stock for infants. We ran out of flu vaccine for the older kids again. They can often get vaccinated at your local pharmacy, so call to see if they have vaccine available. You can sign up for our flu vaccine clinics on our portal when clinics are available. If you need portal access, please call the office. Your kids can also get the vaccine if they are in the office at a scheduled visit and are eligible. If your other kids are at the visit of a sibling, just ask and they can be vaccinated too. This allows flexibility if you cannot make a flu vaccine clinic and will already be in the office. 




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