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Create an Account or Login to Our Secure Patient Portal

We are currently enrolling patients into our new portal prior to scheduled appointments.

This portal will be integrated with your child's chart. You must have an invitation to log into your new portal account. If you create your own account it will not link to your child's chart.

If you need access to your child's portal, please call us at 913-888-4567 during normal business hours or email to request portal setup. When you call we should be able to get it set up as we talk with you. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing this request by email.

As always, if your question requires a response within 5 business days, please call our office. 

NEW LOGINS: Once you get your temporary password, click on the login button below and LOGIN,
DO NOT CREATE an account. If you create the account it will not link to the appropriate chart. Our office will create the account and give you the temporary password for your first login. Login/Create an Account on Our Secure Patient Portal

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