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Newborn Care

Hospitals where our physicians are on staff:

What if my baby is premature or sick?

We do care for some babies in the Newborn Intensive Care Nursery (NICU), such as those needing antibiotics for infection, treatment of breathing problems needing oxygen, premature babies who need to learn to eat, and many other problems. We have a relationship with the Neonatologists, specialists in newborn care, at each of the hospitals so that they help care for the infants who are requiring more specialized care.

When do I bring my baby in for the first visit?

We do our initial in-office appointment 1-3 days after discharge from the hospital in most instances. This will be discussed on your discharge date from the hospital.

Weekend Coverage:

We occasionally work with physicians at Village Pediatrics to cover newborns in the hospital. Our groups are independent from one another, but we find that sharing rounding duties on weekends and holidays allows each of us to enjoy more family time, which enriches our personal lives and overall allows us to be better at our jobs. We trust that their physicians will take good care of our patients (as we do theirs) when they cover for us.

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