Kristen K. Stuppy, MD, FAAP

stuppyBecause I did not have a traditional childhood growing up as an "Army Brat" all over the country and Japan, I have really come to value watching my children grow up with roots in one area and myself becoming a part of one community. The opportunities offered to families here are amazing, from wonderful schools to my favorite park (Deanna Rose Farmstead) to countless activities to join. This is the biggest city I have lived in, yet it feels small because I see people I know everywhere I go.

My parents say I started talking about being a doctor when I was 3 years old. (I'm sure many kids with a doctor kit do the same.) As I grew I enjoyed reading and science, and I have always wanted to help others. Becoming a physician seemed natural as I progressed in school, but I wasn't sure I wanted to be a pediatrician until my first pediatric rotation in medical school. I loved the potential to make a difference in someone's life long term. So much of medicine seemed to put band aides on a big problem, only to have people suffer. Most of medical school rotations are hospital based, so students see the sickest of the sick... it seemed like adult patients were simply on the way to end of life. I know that isn't the case, but I was excited in my pediatric rotation because those kids -- despite being very sick -- usually completely recovered and could have a long life ahead of them. Even better, much of what a general pediatrician does is preventative medicine. We can help families learn to raise their children with a healthy lifestyle!

A week after medical school graduation I married my wonderful husband. The honeymoon ended shortly with the beginning of internship and residency — on call overnight in the hospital my first night! My husband was able to step up to the plate and accommodate my crazy schedule. He is a great Father and Husband!

My husband and I settled in Overland Park because my husband wanted to join his family's greenhouse business in the KC area. He continues to work there with his father. We now have two fantastic teens who keep us busy with activities. I have learned to be a hockey mom and I love watching children's theater and dance ... especially when my daughter is performing! After work at the office, I "work" as the family housekeeper/cook, organizer of the family calendar, and I am a big fan at the kid's games and events. I volunteer at our church and as a board member of Over the years I have served as chair of the pediatric departments at Overland Park Regional Medical Center and Menorah Medical Center and have participated in various committees for those departments. I manage the Pediatric Partners social media, and have been a speaker at various pediatric conferences on the topic of social media.

I am privileged to be able to help families keep their children healthy and I love watching entire families grow!

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If you see me out and about please say "hi" -- I think many of the younger kids are surprised that I don't live at the office. They get a kick out of seeing that I have a family and do "real" things too. 



Accepting new patients: 

I am accepting new patients.

Undergraduate Education: 

Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman University), 1992

Medical Education: 

University of Missouri-Columbia, 1992


Raymond Blank Children's Hospital, Des, Moines, Iowa, 1999

Academic Appointments: 

Clinical Assistant Professor University of Kansas School of Medicine 

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Hospital Staff: Dr. Stuppy is on staff at Children's Mercy South Hospital, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, St. Luke's South Hospital, Menorah Medical Center, and Overland Park Regional Medical Center.