Why won't we call out prescriptions?

Many parents become upset when our office will not call out a prescription when they feel their child has strep throat, ear infection, wheezing, and more. This article is written by Dr. Suzanne Berman, and was originally published on her blog at Survivor Pediatrics.

Medication Dosing

This page contains useful general medication information, as well as specific dosage guidelines for medications such as Acetaminophen and allergy medications.

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills use female hormones to prevent pregnancy. These hormones work by preventing the release of an egg from the ovaries each month. They are also used to regulate cycles, decrease the amount of pain or bleeding during a cycle, or to help control acne.

How to Safely Dispose of Medications

A few small steps can make an important difference in safeguarding lives and protecting the environment.

Medication Mistakes

Twelve common medication mistakes and how to correct it by doing it right. Read these steps to help prevent medication mistakes.

How to use a medication syringe

Oral syringes are used to measure liquid medications. One side of the syringe is marked in teaspoons (tsp). The other side is marked in milliliters (ml).

All About Miralax

Miralax is a stool softener. The active ingredient, polyethylene glycol (PEG), works by increasing the water content of the stool.

Remembering Medications on Time!

Compliance taking a daily medication (or vitamin) can be troublesome for many. I find myself counseling parents and kids how to remember medicines often.