Vaccines / Immunizations

The following articles contain information and resources to help families learn more about vaccines, their effectiveness, and their safety. 

To see all of the resources the American Academy of Pediatrics has available for immunization information, click here.

For Missouri vaccine requirements, visit the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Vaccine Policy

At Pediatric Partners, P.A. our main concern is the health of your child. We strongly believe that immunizations play an important role in maintaining your child’s health from infancy to adulthood.

Kansas Immunization Requirements

Current information on immunization requirements for the state of Kansas.

What if my insurance does not cover immunizations?

If your insurance does not cover immunizations, you might be able to obtain them through your county's health department.

Vaccine Information

This page lists all of the Vaccine Information Statements for each vaccine.  It also has several links to vaccine information sites to learn more about the diseases prevented by vaccines as well as sites that address autism concerns.

Standard Vaccine Schedule at Pediatric Partners

This page lists the vaccines we typically give at various ages, as well as links to the Vaccine Information Sheets for each vaccine.

Care After Immunizations

Immunizations are very important to keep children healthy. Please review the Vaccine Information Sheets for possible side effects that your child might have. This information tells you what to do for minor side effects.