Patient Reviews

See why Pediatric Partners is a special place to bring in your child for quality medical care and view the patient reviews below.

Elizabeth and children

I just love this practice and all of the people that have always helped us."

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Elizabeth is a mother of twins and triplets and has been coming to Pediatric Partners since the children were infants. She loves the practice and all of the friendly faces at Pediatric Partners. They drive an hour and a half to come up and see Dr. Blum from Burlington, KS.

Deserae, Brynn & Dane

"I'm a mom who loves coming to Pediatric Partners and so do my children."

deserae reviewDeserae has been taking her children to Pediatric Partners for over 8 years and loves Dr. Blum. She has been to other practices that recommend certain over-the-counter remedies and Dr. Blum has solved some of their problems without the use of medicine. She recommends coming to Pediatric Partners and recommends them 100%.


"This is where I want my kids to be taken care of."


Lindsey has 3 children and is a nurse at Pediatric Partners. She loves the doctors, who are knowledgeable and kind, the fellow nursing staff and the helpful front desk staff that are always warm and welcoming to visitors.

Tony and Emily

"We really enjoy the doctors and they take the time to listen."


Tony and Emily have been bringing their kids to Pediatric Partners since they were born and they love the new parent class. Emily enjoys reading the website that is helpful to her when she is at home and needs to research.

Jess and Willa

"I really appreciate how efficient and nice everyone is here."


Jess and Willa have been coming to Pediatric Partners for two years, since Willa was a newborn. She loves how great Dr. Stuppy is at taking the time to talk about the important issues that you need to know during the early years and how educational their website is.