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Jennifer R. Mellick, , MD, FAAP

Jennifer R. Mellick MD, FAAP

Managing Partner

According to my mom, I wanted to be a doctor from the age of six. This new career plan came after I visited my mom in the hospital when she delivered my youngest sister. The obstetrician explained to me how the placenta worked and from then on, I was hooked on the why and how of the human body. I remember that day well, but I am not as sure as my mom that all I ever wanted to be was a doctor. I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a Broadway star but felt I needed a fall back plan. If you have ever had me sing to your crying child, you will know I took the smarter path for me. Luckily, I made a great choice and I love what I do.

I did plan from my high school days to be a doctor, but I didn’t really consider pediatrics until I was a nanny during my college years. I found I really enjoyed talking and interacting with children. My worry was that it would be a life of boring colds and coughs. Shadowing a pediatrician during my first year of medical school showed me how wrong an idea that was. What I have found is that kids are at least as complex as adults. The most exciting thing to me about pediatrics is that I have the chance to shape the developing health of a person for their entire life; that and kids are just so honest! Every day, I smile from the things I am told. Of course, it just thrills me when I hear that my patients don’t just “play doctor”, they play “Doctor Mellick!” Interesting to me that my own family doesn’t always put as much faith in my advice as my patients do. I think they just think of me as mom.

I spend my time outside of the office with my husband and four daughters. We enjoy watching the girls in their sports, school events, and everyday lives. I am active in advocacy for children by serving on the board of the Kansas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Personally I love to read and cook and hang out with my family. I try to learn something new everyday and hope to instill in my daughters the same sense of personal responsibility and kindness my parents taught me. I hope to have the chance to teach a bit of that to my patients as well. In my opinion, those traits are as important as fruits and veggies to a long and happy (and healthy) life.

I spend the amount of quality time I believe in with each of my patients at their visits. I manage our practice and am proud of all of the professionals I work with. We have a great team and I hope to continue to help shape the face of quality pediatrics in Kansas.

Dr Mellick has been at Pediatric Partners since 2003.

Accepting new patients:

Yes, accepting new patients

Locations served:
Olathe: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Undergraduate Education:
Kansas State University, 1995

Medical Education:
University of Kansas School of Medicine, 2000

Pediatric Residency, 2003

Dr. Mellick spent three years at the University of Kansas Hospital as a pediatric resident, followed by a year serving as Chief Resident.

Academic Appointments:
Managing Partner, Pediatric Partners, 2012

Clinical Assistant Professor University of Kansas School of Medicine In Practice Since: 2003

Hospital Staff: Dr. Mellick is on staff at Children's Mercy South Hospital, Menorah Medical Center, Overland Park Regional Medical Center, Shawnee Mission Medical Center, and St. Luke's South Hospital.

Board Certifications:
American Board of Pediatrics

Kansas Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics President 2016-17


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