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Urgent Care at Pediatric Partners, PA

Our Urgent Care offers walk in visits for our established patients or new patients who are transferring into our office who have a sudden illness or injury and don’t want to wait to schedule an appointment. Unlike other Urgent Care facilities, we charge the typical office level copay, saving you money.


Because we believe in the Medical Home concept and we respect other local physicians, we do not see local patients who have an established physician in town. They should see their own physician or an urgent care suggested by their physician. There are many pediatric urgent cares in this area ~ ask your doctor where they prefer for you to be seen.

Urgent Care Hours
Hours vary by location. See our Calendar for details.
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What is available at our Urgent Care?
When should I schedule an appointment versus using Urgent Care?
What types of things should be taken elsewhere?
Who will see my child at Urgent Care?
What is the wait time at Urgent Care?

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