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Please Call Ahead!

One of the main ways to prevent COVID19 is physical distancing.

To help maintain physical distancing, we have stopped our walk in clinic availability until further notice but we still offer same day appointments.

We also ask that if you need to stop by the office for other reasons you call ahead so we can avoid a cluster in our waiting room.

Please call the office to schedule an appointment.

One of our nurses will talk about your child's symptoms and your family's risk factors to determine the safest time and place for your visit.

This allows us to space patients in time - walk in visits tend to cluster at certain times of the day and do not allow  us to keep common areas of our office empty.

It also allows us to recognize potential COVID19 and determine of it's safer and practical to have your child seen in our parking lot or if they should go elsewhere if we cannot meet their needs.

Everyone over 2 years of age will need to wear a mask at all times in our office. We understand if children struggle with this, but we have tips on how to get them to safely wear masks here.

For more about our COVID19 policys and procedures as well as updates on current knowlege, see our Daily COVID19 Update.

We can't keep our office safe without your help. Thank you for your patience during this pandemic! 


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