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Our Location and Hours

Overland Park Office

Scroll down for Olathe location information. See the warning about our address!!!!!

7301 W. 133rd Street
Suite 102
Overland Park, KS 66213

Contact Numbers

Main Office: 913-888-4567

After Hours: 913-825-0923

Fax: 913-888-1277

Do NOT send sensitive health information through email. We offer a portal for confidential communication. If you have not been invited to our portal, please contact or at 913-888-4567 during normal business hours. We should be able to set you up on the portal as we talk with you by phone. Please allow up to 5 business days for the processing of portal access requests by email.

Office Hours

See our Calendar for office closings and special events!

  • Overland Park office (7301 W 133rd St, Overland Park, KS 66213) is noted as OP on the calendar. 
  • Olathe office (2111 East Kansas City Road, Olathe, Kansas 66061) is noted as Olathe. Use 2115 East Kansas City Road to find us in your GPS. (see below)

Routine hours are as pictured. See our calendar for holiday hours.



After Hours Questions and Phone Calls

While most routine questions can be answered on our Patient Education pages on this site, occasionally parents need to call for advice after hours. If you call our main number, the voice mail directs you to the telephone number of the provider on call.

If you leave a message for a call back, please clearly state your child's name and birth date as well as a brief description for your call.

Please make sure your telephone accepts blocked phone calls, as we might not be able to call back if your phone does not accept our call. There are times that we do not get your message due to many factors. If we do not return your call within a reasonable time, please call again.

Non-urgent questions should be called to the office or sent through our portal to be answered during normal business hours.

We will charge for after hours calls as allowed by national guidelines. These are typically not covered by insurance, check your plan.

Urgent Care/ Emergency Room Visits

We cannot give insurance authorizations after hours or direct you to a facility on your insurance plan. Contact your insurance carrier to learn where they contract for after hours care. You do not need to contact our on call provider for a referral for after hours care. 

If you feel your child needs to be seen after hours for urgent care, please take them to a pediatric urgent care location if possible. 

Local Pediatric Emergency Rooms are available at Children's Mercy Kansas, Children's Mercy downtown, and Overland Park Regional Medical Center. In case of true emergency, call 911. 
Please note: We encourage parents to request that records of each visit outside our office be sent to our office so that we can help keep track of issue. If a provider from outside our office recommends a referral, they should do the referral or you may need to schedule an appointment with one of our providers for our office to make a referral. We cannot refer for conditions we have not treated, esepcially if the outside facility does not send us information about their visit.

We do not recommend walk-in clinics not specifically intended for children because of variable experience in treating children among their providers.


Support your Medical Home

We are open six days a week to serve our patients. Care in the medical home has been shown to improve communication between the patient and providers, improve medical care, and decrease health care spending. If you can manage symptoms at home until our office is open, please bring your child to our office so that we can be involved with your child's health and well being. We offer both walk in visits for sick children as well as same day appointments for sick care. Please note our walk in clinic hours above.


Please call during weekday office hours to set up appointments or to speak with our staff. You can also use our portal to schedule routine follow up visits.

Answering Service

A phone nurse is available during office hours to answer any routine questions you might have about your child. A member of our staff is on call after hours to answer urgent questions after hours. 

Olathe Office - Now Open!

Our Olathe office opened January 18, 2019!

The Olathe office has slightly different hours from our Overland Park office. See the image above for our standard daily hours and our calendar for daily details.

Unfortunately Google Maps has us linked incorrectly. Use the address for Elite Sports Mall (2115 E. Kansas City Road) to get there!


2115 East Kansas City Road
Olathe, KS 66061

Contact Numbers

Main Office: 913-888-4567

Fax: 913-888-1277

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm 


Please call during these office hours to set up appointments or to speak with our staff.

Answering Service

A phone nurse is available during office hours to answer any routine questions you might have about your child.

General Email Queries

Please note this email form is for NON-MEDICAL communications only! If you have a question regarding your medical care, please call our office.

If you would like to contact us via e-mail with specific questions about your child's health, please create an account on our patient portal under your child's name to send us a secure message.


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