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Asthma Education for Kids

Iggy and the Inhalers has a series of YouTube videos that explain rescue inhalers, controller medications, and more. They also have printable information sheets and a comic book that make learning about asthma fun for kids.
Screen-Shot-2017-06-25-at-11-36-11-AM.png                                    From Iggy and the Inhalers

The American Academy of Allergies and Asthma has a number of games, puzzles, and videos to teach kids about asthma.

KidsHealth has great information on a lot of topics for kids, teens, and parents. This link goes to their asthma education for kids.

Check out Dusty The Asthma Goldfish and His Asthma Triggers Funbook: The Funbook includes children's games to teach children and their parents about asthma triggers and how to avoid them.

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