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ADHD Medications

Pictures of ADHD Medications 

The ADHD Medication Guide is a visual aid for those with ADHD. The guide includes only medications indicated for the treatment of ADHD by the FDA. (To limit plagarism of this wonderful chart, you must click on the user agreement in the center of the page. It is free and easy.)

This guide may help assist patients in identifying medications previously tried, and may in identifying ADHD medication options for the future. Medications have been arranged on the card for ease of display and comparison, but dosing equivalence cannot be assumed.

*Disclaimer: The ADHD Medication Guide was created by Dr. Andrew Adesman of the North Shore-LIJ Health System.

To learn about Concerta generic options, please see this fantastic update on ADHD Rollercoaster.

Swallowing Pills

For information/help on swallowing pills, see Learning to Swallow Pills from Dr. Stuppy's blog.

Please check with your insurance formulary to see which medicines are best covered. You can use the list on to look for commonly used medicines. (You will need to agree to the terms, but it is a safe link.)

Starting Medications for ADHD

If we decide that ADHD requires medication, the first line treatment is usually a stimulant.

Stimulant medicine (adderall and ritalin families) can be used only on days needed, but talk to your doctor if it is not given daily. Non-stimulant medicine (guanfacine, strattera, and clonidine) must be given daily, even on non-school days, to maintain appropriate levels. Genetic tests are available to assess how certain drugs will be metabolized. To read more about the psychopharmacologic testing that is available, see Dr. Stuppy's blog, Psychogenetic Testing: Personalized Medicine

Follow Up With ADHD Medications

If medicine is started, we will see your child frequently and/or discuss with you by phone or portal as we titrate medicines. When kids are on medicines for ADHD we tend to see them at least every 3 months to be sure the medicine is still at the appropriate dose and that they are growing well.

If any medication dose change is needed, be sure to discuss with your physician before making any changes.

Enough prescriptions are usually given to last until your next visit unless there is a plan to adjust medicine with phone/portal communication. Please schedule in advance for best scheduling availability.

When you request refills for stimulants at the pharmacy, do not use the word refill. We cannot refill stimulant medications, but we can send three prescriptions at a time with instructions to fill monthly.


If your child struggles to maintain weight on medications, please see our page for tips on improving weight gain.

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