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Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are required for participation in many sports. They are for concussion prevention as well as protecting the teeth, tongue and cheeks.

Be sure your child wears a mouth guard in any sport that has increased risk of falls or head collisions. Many sports require this, such as football and hockey, but most sport related mouth injuries occur in basketball and baseball. This is likely due to the fact that those players do not routinely wear protective mouth gear.

How to choose a mouth guard:

Choose a mouth guard that fits your child's mouth. If it is too big or small, it will be uncomfortable and the child will remove it. Many can be boiled and molded to your child's teeth. This allows a greater comfort level and fit. Customized mouth guards are available at your child's dentist. They are a higher cost, but will be most comfortable and effective in injury prevention. Talk with your dentist about what mouth guard is best for your athlete.

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