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What foods are good and bad for teeth?

A balanced diet is important for health: Body as well as tooth health. Allowing sufficient time between meals or snacking allows the saliva to clean the teeth between foods. Constant snacking, even on healthy foods should be discouraged. This would include beverages except water.

It is not simply candy and soda pop that give cavities. Of course, neither of those offers any nutritional benefit and should be given for special occasions, but some "healthy" foods can also lead to tooth decay if teeth are not cared for properly. Foods with sugars and starches (breads, cereals, chips, fruits, processed foods, and even milk) encourage tooth decay. Sticky foods (such as raisins and other dried fruits) remain on the teeth longer than other foods so can be especially dangerous to teeth, even though they offer nutritional benefit. Eating these foods along with other foods helps to clean the teeth.

Cheese of all kinds has been shown to be helpful in cavity prevention. It has calcium that helps build strong bones and also phosphorus, which has been shown to decrease the plaque's pH level and re-mineralize the enamel of the tooth. Giving cheese at the end of a snack or meal can help keep teeth healthy!

Whatever foods given, be sure your child brushes before bed. Never allow your child to eat or drink anything except water after brushing teeth at night.

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