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Illnesses Going Around

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Since we're not seeing as many illnesses these days, I thought I'd do something fun here first. 

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Summer Physicals - school's starting!

We are trying hard to get everyone in this summer. Some of you are on waiting lists and we are calling as schedules open up. Please be patient with us... every summer this is difficult due to the volume of physicals that are needed before practices and school begins. Our physicians have agreed to come in at additional times so they are able to open more slots, but there are only so many hours in the day. Please be patient with us!

As of August 12, 2018, we're seeing the following illnesses.

If your child has symptoms of any illness, see our Illnesses page for treatment tips or the specific page to which each illness or condition is hyperlinked. If you're not sure how quickly you need to have your child seen, see our Symptom Decision Chart.


Illnesses commonly seen in our office this past week:


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