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Flu Vaccine Update:

As you are aware, we have not had many flu vaccine clinics this season. This is because the company that makes the flu vaccine that we've ordered is having shipping delays. 

We know that every time we post a clinic it fills up too quickly for everyone to be able to sign up.

We know that our portal has trouble handling the volume after newsletters get sent. 

The issue is that we haven't had enough vaccine to handle the demand. If everyone knew we had plenty, there wouldn't be the crazy demand to log into the portal right now. The portal would be able to handle the volume and there would be plenty of options for everyone to get in.

We have been trying to get more, but we cannot give what we don't have. The company has said that we will eventually get at least most of our order. We do not know when but the FDA has finally released more of the lots from the brand we ordered, so shipments should pick up -- we hope!

Some people have been able to be vaccinated in our office.

If people happen to be in the office when we get them, they will be offered them. This is not to play favorites, but simply to give the vaccines as quickly as we can. We are NOT able to call you when we get the vaccine. This has been asked by many parents, but it just isn't feasable. We apologize for the frustrations, but there is little we can do other than wait with you.

Can't I just call?

Please do not call our office asking when we will get vaccines. We do not know.

Phone calls tie up the phone lines and our staff so they cannot take other calls. We need to be able to answer questions about sick children and to schedule patients for appointments. Calling about the flu vaccine isn't going to make it appear. We don't like being unable to answer your question any more than you like hearing that we can't.

What about FluMist?

We have started to get some FluMist vaccine, but not in large enough quantities to hold a vaccine clinic. It will be offered when it is available in the clinic. When we get large enough amounts, we will offer a vaccine clinic for it.

NOTE FOR THOSE INSURED BY TRICARE: Tricare will not pay for FluMist, so we are not able to give any patients with Tricare insurance the Flumist.  

What are other options?

If your child is 6 years or older, local pharmacies may be able to vaccinate your child. Some urgent cares offer pediatric flu vaccines at younger ages. Check with them and your insurance company to see which is best for your family.

The health department may also be able to give your child(ren) flu vaccine. 

There are different flu vaccines available, and they must be given to the appropriate ages. The places that have flu vaccine in stock have ordered a different type than what we ordered. Orders were due many months ago, and we ordered from the company we have always used.

All of the vaccine that we have ordered has 4 strains of flu protection. We prefer that over the 3 strain variety if you have a choice elsewhere. 

Use the portal to look for flu vaccine clinics.

When flu vaccine clinics are available, we will open clinics on the portal to sign up. Please do not call our office to ask when that will be. As stated above, our staff will not know. If we know, there will be a clinic opened and you will be notified if you get our newsletters.

We know this is frustrating for all who want to protect their kids, but we are not able to provide vaccine when we don't have it. 

We're growing!

If you haven't heard, we're opening a second office in Olathe sometime in November. There has been a delay in construction and the opening date has been pushed back to early 2019.

Our patients are welcome to see any provider in either location as they see fit. Our electronic medical records are available at both locations to help serve you where you are at the moment!


All of our hours are on our Calendar. This includes when we are closed for holidays.

Our calendar is linked on the menu bar above. It's easy to find from every one of our pages!

Hours may vary based on location:

  • Our Overland Park office will continue to have the same hours.
  • Our new Olathe location will soon be updated with hours - when we know when it's opening. 

As of October 21, 2018, we're seeing the following illnesses.

If your child has symptoms of any illness, see our Illnesses page for treatment tips or the specific page to which each illness or condition is hyperlinked. If you're not sure how quickly you need to have your child seen, see our Symptom Decision Chart.


Illnesses commonly seen in our office this past week:

  • Allergies 
  • Strep throat 
  • Sore throat - not strep, often one of the first signs of a cold 
  • Diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain (THIS IS NOT FLU!)
  • Cough 
  • Colds 
  • Fever (always...)
  • Ear infections
  • Asthma flares and other wheezing - schedule your Fall asthma check if you haven't yet!
  • Flu. We've seen a few cases of flu, but also cases that look like flu (high fever, cough, sore throat, kids look sick) but the flu tests are negative. 

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