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Autism Resources

Autism Resources

Below are resources for families affected by autism. They are listed in alphabetical order. The list is not all-inclusive, but includes places our patients have used. We do not endorse one provider over another. It can be a very personal choice and we encourage you to research your options and choose the best fit for your family.

Look at your insurance list of preferred providers and see how they cover non-preferred providers if you think a non-covered provider might be the best choice for your child due to location, availability, treatments offered, and/or personal choice.

Aspire Behavioral Services provides services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to those in and around the Kansas City community. These services address the needs of families, schools, and agencies by offering a variety of behavioral services including skill acquisition programming, interventions for the reduction of challenging behavior, one-on-one parent and staff training, group presentations and workshops, crisis intervention services, feeding interventions, school and agency consultation, and social skills training.

Autism Concepts Incorporated: Autism Concepts Incorporated is a behavioral consulting company providing applied behavior analysis (ABA) and verbal behavior analysis (VBA) for children with autistic spectrum disorders, language delays, and other developmental delays.

Autism From the Start: Autism From the Start evaluates and treats children for autism spectrum disorders. 

ACI Learning Centers: Autism Concepts provides ABA therapy for autism.

Exceptional Learners Behavioral Services, LLC provides a variety of home, school and community based services to individuals with autism and other behavioral needs, specializing in Verbal Behavior and Fluency Training teaching methodologies. Exceptional Learners also provides: Assessments, Trainings, Specialty Consultations, Supervision, IEP Support.

Family First Center for Autism and Child Development provides a range of therapeutic services and training opportunities to support children with autism and their families.

Heartspring provides a full range of therapies for autism.

Intergrated Behavioral Tehnologies Inc, (IBT, Inc.) offers many services to families of children with autism.

Kansas City Autism Training Center (KcATC) is a private, licensed child care facility specializing in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. KcATC uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to optimize learning environments for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Kids TLC Autism Center's mission is to offer a state-of-the-art autism program that provides a broad range of services to guide, educate and support families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders and other related developmental disabilities. 

Little Steps provides early intensive behavioral services to promote skill acquisition and decrease problem behavior. This program is part of the Edna A. Hill Child development Center in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science at the University of Kansas.

Momentum Behavioral Health offers ABA therapy and family support for autism.

North Star Academy provides a variety of children services beginning at eighteen months up to the age of 22.  Services include: Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention services, a private school, lifespan planning, advocacy, case management to help provide advocacy and resources, family intervention and home based behavioral support to assist with a child’s challenging behavior, on-site assessments, school reintegration support, parent and professional development, after-school, camps and respite activities.

Partners in Behavioral Milestones is dedicated to creating meaningful change for individuals with disabilities and their families.  Located in the Greater Kansas City area, PBM incorporates the principles of ABA and Positive Behavior Supports in every service we provide.

Responsive Centers has a psychologist, Melissa Jones, who does evaluations for autism and ABA therapy.

Summit Behavioral Services provides meaningful in-home Applied Behavior-Analytic (ABA) supports to children and adults with developmental disabilities and other behavioral needs in Kansas City and the surrounding area.

Thrive Autism Solutions specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders. ABA is the only treatment for Autism endorsed by the US Surgeon General, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Institute of Mental Health. Fifty years of scientific research has found that consistent ABA dramatically improves a child’s higher level interactions and even increases IQ.

Trumpet Behavioral Health provides ABA therapy in the KC Metro.

A comprehensive list of online resources is available at PhDinSpecialEducation.

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