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Obesity and Overweight

Obesity is affecting more children than ever. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are all that are needed for most children (and adults). Unfortunately, the problem is complex and difficult to manage, but without managing weight, serious health affects are seen.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has developed many materials to help families coping with Obesity and overweight issues. Please visit their site for comprehensive information.

The CHILD-1 Diet is recommended for children. Please see Dr. Vincent Iannelli's summary here.

Children's Mercy has a resource list of books, videos, and more on weight management. Click here to view the list.

General Healthy Eating Rules:


Trouble with weight and need more help?

The University of Kansas Hospital has a program called Healthy Hawks, and Children's Mercy has a weight management program, names vary based on age. They work with most insurances. Schedule an appointment with your doctor if interested to do the baseline tests prior to referral. Neither program accepts patients without a referral and labs from their primary care provider.

MyFitnessPal is a free app and website that can help keep track of foods eaten. Unfortunately because kids are growing, it should NOT be used to determine if the number of calories and nutrients eaten are appropriate, but only to help keep track since it's much easier than traditional pen and paper. It allows you to scan items with bar codes and quickly search most foods. It also helps keep track of exercise and water intake. While limited for use with children, it is still a great resource. Work with a nutritionist to determine the number of calories and nutrients that are appropriate for any individual child's needs.

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