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Standard Vaccine Schedule at Pediatric Partners

This page lists the vaccines we typically give at various ages, as well as links to the Vaccine Information Sheets for each vaccine. Our office has a strict Vaccine Policy.

Click on any of the highlighted vaccines to go to the Vaccine Information Statements (VIS). If you need a VIS in another language, please see the CDC's page on Vaccine Information Statements.

Please click if you want to see the Kansas school requirements or Missouri school requirements

Note:  Subject to change based on vaccine shortages and other factors.
  • Birth:  HBV#1
  • 1 month:  HBV #2
  • 2 months:  DTaPHibIPVPCV13Rota (all #1)
  • 4 months:   DTaPHibIPVPCV13Rota (all #2)
  • 6 months:  DTaPHibIPVPCV13Rota (all #3).  Note:  After 6 months all children are encouraged to get yearly flu shots during influenza season
  • 9 months:  HBV #3
  • 12 months:  Var #1, PCV13 #4, HAV #1, MMR #1
  • 15 months: Hib #4, DTaP#4 
  • 18 months:  HAV #2.  Note: there must be 6 months between HAV doses. Please schedule the 18 month visit a minimum of 6 months after the 1 year visit. Catch up of missed vaccines if needed.
  • 2-3 years:  Catch up of any vaccines needed. Yearly influenza seasonally.
  • 4-6 years:  DTaP #5, IPV #4,   MMR#2, Var #2 and any catch up needed. Yearly influenza seasonally.
  • 7-10 years:  Catch up if needed. Yearly influenza seasonally.
  • 11 years and up:  TdapMeningococcal (ACWY), HPV9 (we currently stock Gardasil 9), any catch up needed. Td or Tdap is given 10 years after the Tdap or sooner in case of potential tetanus exposure. New: HPV9 can be given to kids 9-14 years of age as a 2 dose series. Those over 15 still need 3 doses.
  • We no longer offer the Meningitis B vaccine. It is approved (but not recommended) for use after 16 years of age. Some colleges require it. It is not always covered by insurance. Please check with your insurance if you are considering it for your teen. The health department and many pharmacies offer it. For more information about the various meningitis vaccines, please see Dr. Stuppy's blog: Alphabet Soup of Meningitis Vaccines.

Influenza information: Inactivated (shot), Live (nasal - not currently offered)

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