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Important information about well visits:

  • Routine well visits (AKA physicals) are recommended at the following ages:
    • 3-5 days (usually 1-2 days after discharge from the hospital), additional weight checks are usually required but are not considered "well" visits for insurance purposes
    • 2 week (recommended to check weight and heart, but not considered a "well" visit per insurance)
    • 1 month
    • 2 months
    • 4 months
    • 6 months
    • 9 months
    • 12 months
    • 15 months
    • 18 months
    • 24 months
    • 30 months
    • Yearly beginning at 3 years. While initially this is around the birth date, as children become school aged, we recommend moving up a few months at a time to get to a summer physical. This avoids missing school during the school year for well care and allows athletes in 7th -12th grade to have required sports forms filled out after May 1st but before the season starts (as required by Kansas law).
  • We recommend reading each well section corresponding to your child's age before and/or after your well visits.
  • At each well visit we will offer age-appropriate labs and screenings as recommended by Bright Futures Guidelines. While most of these are covered by insurance, some insurance plans put these to patient responsibility. We recommend these screenings routinely, regardless of coverage, but know how your insurance plan covers (or does not cover) screenings. We are not able to know the details of each individual plan. These treatments, screenings and tests may include the following. The codes submitted to insurance are listed so you can ask insurance before your visit if you're concerned. For more coding information, see this AAP resource.
    • Maternal depression screening (96161)
    • Depression screening (96127)
    • Vision screening (99177 for 1-4 years of age and 99173 for 5+ years)
    • Autism screening (96110)
    • Developmental screening (96110)
    • Lead and hemoglobin testing (36416 + 85018 + 83655 if done at our office, may be done at a lab)
    • Lipid panel (cholesterol test) (36416 + 80061 - if done in our office)
    • Sexually transmitted disease testing (Urine is collected at our office and sent to a lab for chlamydia and/or gonorrhea. An order will be given for HIV and other tests that require a blood draw at a lab. We do not bill for these - costs are per the lab.)
    • Tuberculosis testing if screening questions are positive (86580)
    • Topical fluoride treatment (99188)
    • Hearing (92552)
    • Insurance now asks us to do a social risk screen yearly. There is no charge for this but it's coded as G9920.
  • All Kansas athletes in grades 7-12 need to have a physical after May 1st and before the season starts. (Missouri is after February 1st and before the season.) View more information about required forms. If your insurance will not allow a second well visit but a sports physical is required, we can bill you a lower fee directly. Please visit our News Page for details.
  • If you are interested in WIC, please view the Kansas WIC Program Fact Sheet.
  • If you are scheduled for a well visit and have additional concerns (such as earache, warts, acne), be aware that your insurance may require an additional charge. If you are uncertain about your coverage or simply desire more time to adequately address all concerns, we advise that you schedule a separate appointment for additional issues. View more information about insurance and billing.
  • If your additional concern is something that deserves a considerable amount of time (asthma management, behavior concerns, chronic headaches or abdominal pain), we may require that you schedule a separate appointment to evaluate it to provide the best care for your child.
  • If your child has an emergent need on the day of a well appointment (such as wheezing), we may choose to address that issue and reschedule the well visit.
  • If you need to discuss something with the provider but you don't want you child to hear, please plan ahead. For more on this, see Talking About Your Child Privately.

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