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Medication Administration in Kansas Daycares and Schools

giving-Medication.jpgThe state of Kansas DOES NOT require a physician prescription or note to use over the counter medications in schools or day cares.

Even prescription medications do not require separate physician written instructions in day cares. The prescription label serves the purpose for day cares to give medications prescribed by a licensed provider.

Daycare Setting

Please print the Kansas Regulations for preschools and childcare centers linked here if your daycare is requiring a note from a physician. The information is on page 55, KAR 28-4-430, c, numbers 9 and 10. Giving this information should help. If not please contact us.

School Setting

Please see page 14 of Guidelines for Medication Administration In Kansas Schools for information on school guidelines.  Although it is encouraged for a physician signature for over the counter medications, it is not required. Prescription medications DO require a physician note, so be sure to get this with each prescription renewal if your child will need a prescription medication at school.  

Why We Can't Complete Some Forms

Our malpractice carrier has cautioned us against writing a blanket authorization for over the counter medications at school due to liability. Over the counter medications have therapeutic benefits and it is generally agreed that parents and other caregivers can assess the need for these medications and safely give an appropriate dose per package labeling. They do carry risks if used incorrectly, either inappropriate dosing or inappropriate choice of medication. We cannot rely on any other person to make a diagnosis and treat with a medication we approved without assessing the child ourselves.

As an example, it is common for a child with a headache to go to the nurse and get acetaminophen and then be sent back to class. If that child is really sick with Strep throat, the treatment masks further symptoms and appropriate evaluation and management. It also exposes others to a contagious disease. We are liable because we authorized acetaminophen for the patient.  We cannot accept this risk. 

What if my school requires a form signed by the doctor?

Some local school districts are encouraging their nurses to have a medication form signed by a physician for over the counter medications. We cannot sign these forms unless we assess the child ourselves. The school district is attempting to shift liability to the physician, but as stated above, we have been cautioned against this by our malpractice insurance carrier so we will not make any exceptions. The state law does not require a doctor's signature. The school can legally give your child over the counter medicine without a doctor's note.

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