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Dr. Stuppy's article is featured in STRONG. The Magazine for girls.

Dr. Stuppy's blog, First Period Q&A with Teens, was picked up by STRONG. The Magazine for Girls. The print edition misspells her name, but she finds it cute, since many of her young patients call her Dr. Stubby --- how did they know? Look for the print edition in our waiting room in a few weeks!

Dr. Stuppy was able to get a pdf version of the entire edition and make it available for you to view for FREE! See the very bottom of this page - look for "View PDF." Even she learned about greener options for managing periods. The edition is filled with great information - not only for girls wondering about their first period, but also for moms who can always learn more!

We encourage parents of girls to check out STRONG. The Magazine for Girls. It's one of the few magazines for girls that actually empowers them. Giving it as a gift would make a girl happy. They're even offering free online editions this summer!


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