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Flu Clinics 2018-2019

The incorrect URL was linked to our newsletter. Please see the 2019-2020 News Page for this year's information.

Our flu vaccine clinic season is underway!

We have already received injectable flu vaccine for infants and children of all ages 6 months and up. We have started giving it during routine office hours as well as have announced our first flu vaccine clinics. At this time we have no FluMist, but we have ordered a small amount.

If you did not get a flu vaccine clinic announcement by email, please check SPAM. Messages are sent from This is an unmonitored mailbox. Please do not reply to it.

Who should get a flu vaccine?

All children over 6 months are encouraged to get a flu vaccine each year. Children need two doses of flu vaccine, then a yearly booster. Typically since infants are in the office every 3 months they can get one dose at a well visit and the other dose either 28 (or more) days before or after that visit.

FluMist vs Flu Shot?

The FluMist is returning to the market this year after being gone for 2 years due to concerns it was not effective. The official AAP statement at this time is to use FluMist only when the injectable vaccine is not available or if the nasal spray version is preferred by the parents. Dr. Stuppy explains more of that in her blog about this year's flu vaccine season

If your child is apprehensive about shots, take a look at Vaccines Don't Have To Hurt As Much As Some Fear for tips on making it less stressful.


Take advantage of being in the office!

As in the past, we will offer flu vaccines to all of our eligilble patients when they are in the office. This means if they are scheduled for a well visit/physical or if they are in for a sick visit but are not too sick, they and their siblings can get the flu vaccine as long as they are up to date with their physicals. If they need a physical, that can be scheduled and they can be vaccinated at that time.

Flu Vaccine Clinics

We will have flu vaccine clinics throughout the season.

You will sign up for them through the portal. Directions to do this are found below.

We are not scheduling flu vaccines through our usual scheduling system. If there are no openings on the portal, please check back at a later date. We will continue to offer clinics, but will only open them when we finalize the date. Prior to that time we will not be able to say when the next clinic will be.

What if you're not in the portal?

If you are not on the portal, please send a message to to get signed up. You cannot sign yourself up on the portal - we must link it to your child's chart first.

How are clinics announced?

All flu vaccine clinics will be announced through our newsletter and can be found on your child's portal.

If you have not yet signed up for our e-newsletter, do so at the bottom of this page on the far right of our parent toolkit. Look for the email sign up that looks like this:

When are more clinics scheduled?

We expect to have plenty of flu vaccine this year, but can only accommodate a certain number of patients at each vaccine clinic, so please be patient with us. If you can't get in to our first clinics, there will be more. We will announce them as they are scheduled. Please do not ask when the next one will be... if it isn't announced and on the portal, it isn't scheduled yet.

We try to find days that various schools are off, to keep kids in school as much as possible and use the time parents are already off to stay with kids. Exact scheduling depends on many factors. We want the clinics to run as smoothly as possible and need to secure extra staff during those days. 

Remember that if your child is scheduled to have a well visit soon, he or she can get vaccinated at that time. Older kids may prefer to go to pharmacies for their vaccines due to busy schedules and convenience. That's okay - as long as they get their flu protection!

How to sign up:

If you need to change or cancel an appointment, please call our office to allow another person to take your spot(s).

Our system may not allow you to sign up a child if they are already scheduled to be in the office prior to a flu vaccine clinic. This is because they can get the vaccine at the time of your visit and save everyone time. If a child is in the office during a scheduled visit (even if it is a sibling scheduled) they can be given the flu vaccine if they are up to date on their well visits and we have the appropriate vaccine for their age in stock. This helps to keep slots open in our vaccine clinics for children who will not have scheduled appointments in the Fall. As of now, it appears that there will not be any difficulty getting supplies this season, but we can never guarantee that we will have the vaccine in stock on the day of your appointment.

Please be patient if you cannot register yet. There will be more opportunities to schedule your children. 

To register, you must first log into your family's Pediatric Partners Portal account. You will need to click on each child's name at the bottom of the page to schedule each child separately. 


After clicking on a child, click on the Flu Clinic tab.

After selecting a date and time, you will receive a confirmation that your child has been scheduled.

If you receive the following message, it means your child was not scheduled. This can be due to several reasons:
  • Your child is too young for the flu vaccine.
  • Your child is not up to date on well visits. Please schedule a well visit. The vaccine can be given at that time.
  • Your child has an appointment scheduled prior to the vaccine clinic. The vaccine can be given at your appointment.
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