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Flu Vaccine Clinics Are Here!

This year you will be able to schedule all of your children's flu vaccines through our portal. Directions on how to do this are below. You will get a reminder based on your chosen preferred appointment reminder (text or email).

If you need to change or cancel an appointment, please call our office.

All children over 6 months are encouraged to get a flu vaccine each year. Children need two doses of flu vaccine in the same season once, then a yearly booster. This means infants will need two doses the first year (or the 2nd year if they only were able to get one last season). Typically since infants are in the office every 3 months they can get one dose at a well visit and the other dose either 28 (or more) days before or after that visit.

No FluMist (nasal spray) is approved for use again this year due to ineffectiveness of it in years past. If your child is apprehensive about shots, take a look at Vaccines Don't Have To Hurt As Much As Some Fear for tips on making it less stressful.

If a child is in the office during a scheduled visit (even if it is a sibling scheduled) they can be given the flu vaccine if they are up to date on their well visits and we have the appropriate vaccine for their age in stock. This helps to keep slots open in our vaccine clinics for children who will not have scheduled appointments in the Fall. As of now, it appears that there will not be any difficulty getting supplies this season, but we can never guarantee that we will have the vaccine in stock on the day of your appointment.

We have started to get shipments of flu vaccine and plan to open more clinic dates as our supply allows. Please be patient if you cannot register yet. There will be more opportunities to schedule your children. 

To register, you must first log into your family's Pediatric Partners Portal account. You will need to click on each child's name at the bottom of the page to schedule each child separately. 


After clicking on a child, click on the Flu Clinic tab.

After selecting a date and time, you will receive a confirmation that your child has been scheduled.

If you receive the following message, it means your child was not scheduled. This can be due to several reasons:
  • Your child is too young for the flu vaccine.
  • Your child is not up to date on well visits. Please schedule a well visit. The vaccine can be given at that time.
  • Your child has an appointment scheduled prior to the vaccine clinic. The vaccine can be given at your appointment.
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