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I Stay Home

We've talked to a lot of kids who are struggling to stay physically away from friends and extended family.

One way to help them cope is to talk about why they're staying home.

Empower them by talking about how they're learning in new ways, helping themselves, their family, and their community.
  • Remember that learning isn't all school work. Maybe they're exploring museums online or taking singing lessons virtually. This is a great opportunity to let them explore their interests. There are many great ideas on Home Learning for All Ages
  • Play is an important way to learn and get exercise. While we should play with household members only or online with friends/extended family, we can still have fun! Be sure to incorporate play throughout the day.
  • Staying socially connected with friends and extended family while we physically distance is important. Grandparents and others may feel even more isolated than you, so by reaching out to them you can make their day! Talk about how your kids can still interact with their friends. Most families are relaxing screen time rules, but there are still safety rules that must be inforced. Be sure you follow these tips.
  • Staying healthy should involve the Big 3: Eat right, Exercise, and Sleep.
    • Talk about impulsive eating or eating out of boredom vs eating when hungry as well as healthy food choices.
    • Exercise should be fun! If it's nice out, go for a family walk, shoot hoops in your driveway or run around your yard. Need something to do inside? Try dancing or do yoga as a family.
    • Despite the lack of a deadline to get out of the house in the morning to catch the early bus, try to keep a routine schedule of getting up and going to bed so that everyone gets the sleep they need.
    • Also talk about what we can do to stay healthy by washing our hands, not touching our face, and wearing a mask if we're going to be around others. 

I made this printable that you can share with your kids. Let them come up with ways they can still connect with family/friends, play, and stay healthy. (Free download at the bottom of the page.)


Feel free to share this page and the free PDF below with neighbors. Everyone can post these in windows and you can look for them on your neighborhood walks. We're in this together!

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