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New Portal

Over the next few months we will be inviting parents to the portal. You will need to have a password for the portal before you can access it, so this will be done on a patient by patient basis and will take awhile to get everyone access. We will confirm your email address and give you a password as your come into the office starting April 1st. Each family will be registered as a unit, so you will not have separate logins for every child. Once children become 18 years of age, they automatically are removed from your account. They can open their own and choose to share or not share that with parents.

To access the portal, you can use the button at the top of our website. 

Once there you will see several tabs under Online Patient Services (Family, My Account, Patient Information, Appointments, and Messages).

Any pending messages or "tasks" will be in the center of the screen. 

Family members linked to the account are listed under the lower blue bar.



The Family tab is the default. If you're on another page and wish to return to the main page, click on the Family tab. 


My Account

This is the area in which you can update your email address and reset your password.

Patient Information 

You will need to choose which child's chart you want to access from the lower section of the Family page before coming to the Patient Information tab. If you forget, the system will remind you. You can see from the screen shot below that you will be able to access the chosen child's allergies, growth charts, labs (see next paragraph for details), links and handouts, demographics, prescriptions, and visit history.

Labs will need to be reviewed by the provider who orders them before they can be sent to the portal. Not all labs will be sent to the portal, but can be upon request unless they contain information that might be confusing to interpret without a face to face visit (at which time the labs can be given to the parent) or information that cannot be shared legally with a parent.

  • In the state of Kansas a mature minor may authorize medical and surgical services by giving an informed consent and minors age 16 years and older may consent to their own care if a parent is not available. Specifically, minors can consent to testing and treatments related to the following without parental consent:
    • Pregnancy testing and all other healthcare issues related to pregnancy
    • Sexually transmitted diseases 
    • Emergency care
    • Drug and Alcohol abuse, misuse or addiction
  • Parents should recognize that we will make every attempt to convince your teen that it is important that a parent is aware of the issues discussed in our office, but we need to maintain confidentiality if the teen desires. If we fail to maintain this confidentiality, not only are we going against standard of care and legal precedent, we risk that children will not tell their doctors important information, which leaves them at risk of unidentified healthcare issues.
  • Exceptions to confidentiality include:
    • Suspected abuse
    • Risk of self harm or harm to others
    • Billing claims will reflect testing and treatments performed


Appointments and Requests

This tab allows parents to request an appointment, forms, prescription refills, and transfer of records.

Appointment Requests

At this time appointment requests are for routine follow up appointments and well visits (AKA physical exams or sports physicals). Sick appointments should be scheduled by phone so the receptionist can identify what the visit is for and approximate if a long or short visit slot is required.

If you require an appointment within the week, it is best to call for the appointment, since sometimes the appointment time offered does not work, and the back and forth online misses opportunities to fit in an appointment quickly.

Prescription Refill Requests

Please note that most of the time our physicians and nurse practitioners give enough refills to last until the next requested appointment. We will deny prescription refills if the patient needs to be seen in our office. Routine visits are required for chronic conditions to be sure that the medicines are used appropriately without contraindication and still required. 



The Messages tab is where you will send and receive messages. You will need to be clicked on the appropriate child's chart to send or receive messages. Please remember that these messages are part of your child's electronic health record, so you need to send separate messages regarding each child. Do not include separate questions related to different children in one message. 


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