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Pediatric Partners Giraffe Winners!


This summer we wanted to have a little fun with a contest! One winner from each category below wins! Winners will be called and then announced on our Facebook page.

Pediatric Partners Staff Photo

Instructions: Take a picture with your favorite Pediatric Partners physician, nurse practitioner, nurse, or front staff member along with your colored page. 


Instructions: What fun to take your giraffe picture on vacation! Think of all the Flat Stanley pictures you've seen over the years. Bring your giraffe to the beach, to the lake, to the mountains, a new city, or wherever you go. 


KC Attractions (Staycation)

Instructions: Giraffes don't need to travel far to have fun! Bring yours to places like Deanna Rose, your neighborhood park, or a local restaurant. Snap a pic to show where he or she goes with you.


Safety First

Instructions: Show off your safety skills to your giraffe. Take a pic showing him or her how you look in your bike helmet, putting on sunscreen, buckling up, or whatever else you do every day to be safe. Teach your giraffe all about safety this summer!

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