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We have a new look!

You might have noticed that our website has a new look. It's a lot of the same information with some updates.

New features:
  • Mobile app for easy access from your phone
  • Dr. Stuppy's blog now has an easy link from the bottom of the Home page
  • New portal link. Our old portal will be phased out as our new portal is used. Our old portal was a way to securely message between patient families and our staff, but did not link in any way to patient charts. Our new portal is part of our new Electronic Health Records. It will require each family to get an access code, so you will need to have an invitation to join the portal. Please do not try to set up your own accounts because we cannot link that to your child's chart. We must initiate the process. We will give access codes as patients check in and you can call to request one if you need portal access prior to a visit. Features you might like with our new portal:
    • the ability for us to send you a summary of your visit and any related instructions
    • access to parts of your child's chart, such as the vaccine record, growth chart, and medications
    • the abillity to confirm your appointments 
    • access and fill out forms prior to your appointment to speed check in
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