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Winter Doorway Decorations

Our staff has been busy creating fun door decorations to celebrate the winter season!

If you're in the office, be sure to check out all the doors. Scroll past the ballot to see more information about each door!

Voting ended December 18th.


Front Office: Jack Frost's Snowglobe
A working snowglobe blows snow within the snowman's belly. 


Room 2: Santa's Coming 
Santa is coming down the chimney to deliver Christmas cheer and fill the stockings with goodies.


Room 3: Polar Express 
The Polar Express stands out with steam bellowing out as it charges up the track through snow. The passenger car windows light up along with the large light on the front of the train. The boy standing beside the train is holding the bell he received as the first gift of Christmas.


Room 4: Olaf 
Everyone's favorite warm-hearted snowman tumbles down a hill in his excitement to bring cheer to all! A special thank you to all of our patients who helped make the trees by tracing their hands!


Room 5: Elf on a shelf 

You can easily find all of our staff as elves on the door, but can you find us all watching you in our office? We may be in an exam room, the hall, or waiting with you in the waiting room. Can you find us?


Room 14: The Giving Tree

On this very special tree, you will find ornaments that have wishes for things to brighten someone's holidays. Donations are being accepted for Open Arms now through December 31st.



Room 15: Operation Save Santa
Help save Santa by removing his ailments in time for Christmas, but be careful or you will set off the buzzer. Santa has 13 removable parts, a light up red nose, and buzzing tongs. 


Room 16: Snoopy and Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree
Snoopy is taking a nap, but Charlie's tree is all decked out for Christmas!


Room 17: Santa's Merry Christmas

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