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bekind(Kansas) week

This year we are happy to be one of the sponsors of bekind(kansas) week. The week will be full of groups doing service projects and Acts of Kindness. To see all the planned activities, follow the bekindweek Event Page. (There will be more activities added!) 

Beginning with World Kindness Day on November 13th, we will encourage Random Acts of Kindness by accepting pledges in the office and giving bekindcards to any child or adult who wants to do a Random Act of Kindness. We will have props in the office to take a picture to share your pledge (not necessarily the specifics of what you'll do) on social media. Sharing with the tags #bekindweek17, @PediatricPartnersOPKS and @bekindkansas will help get the word out and make others aware of bekindweek. Feel free to tell friends to stop by to get their card too. The more people participating, the better! 

After you do your Random Act of Kindness, give the card away so the kindness can continue. Hopefully the recipient of the card will be moved to do a Random Act of Kindness of their own and pass the card along too. Encourage them to post on social media with the tags listed above so we can see how long these acts continue and how far the kindness spreads!

We hope that Kansas families, schools, workplaces, sports teams, neighborhoods, friendship groups, and many others will be able to participate. Everyone can be kind and everyone can benefit from kindness - even those who are giving kindness feel better for being kind! 

We are looking for more bekind hosts to sponsor other kindness activities. If you're interested see the Event page and look under "Details."
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