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Create an Account or Login to Our Secure Patient Portal

This portal will be integrated with your child's chart. You must have an invitation to log into your new portal account. If you create your own account it will not link to your child's chart.

If you need access to your child's portal, please call us at 913-888-4567 during normal business hours or email to request portal setup. 

In addition to sending messages to our doctors and staff you can use the portal to:
  • Message your child's doctor for non-urgent issues (these are answered during normal business hours, if you need a faster response, please call)
  • Check for pending appointment dates and times
  • Look at your outstanding balance and pay your bill online
  • View current prescriptions
  • See the visit summary of office visits, including date, height, and weight
  • View vaccine dates
  • View allergy records
  • Request appointments for well visits
  • Print forms that were done at your sports physical or well visit
For an online "tour" of the portal, please visit New Portal Up and Running.

NEW LOGINS: Once you get your temporary password, click on the login button below and LOGIN, DO NOT CREATE an account. If you create the account it will not link to the appropriate chart. Our office will create the account and give you the temporary password for your first login.
Please call the office if you need to have a question answered in less than 3 business days. If you need an answer sooner, call the office. If you send a portal message please do not also call the office unless the situation changes. This duplicates our work. We generally check portal messages before nurse calls.

As of March 30, 2020, we may charge for phone calls and portal messages as per the 2020 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) codes and regulations.
Login/Create an Account on Our Secure Patient Portal

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