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We accept most major insurance plans and over 200 others. Call your insurance provider to see if Pediatric Partners is on your plan.

Want to estimate your fees?

If you would like a list of our charges and the associated insurance codes, please send an email request to Our office manager and billing staff have come up with a handout with all the most used codes and their charges. You can use this information to contact your insurance company before a visit to estimate how much your portion of the charge will be.

We cannot publically post it due to federal regulations, but we are happy to share it through our portal or in the office.

We can only give our charges, we cannot determine how your insurance will adjust it or how much they will cover versus how much you will be responsible for. 

Formulary Information

It is often important to learn the formulary drug status when choosing a medication to keep your costs low.

Understanding your insurance plan

This page discusses various types of insurance plans available and some tips to understand your plan.

Why am I being billed? I have insurance!

Insurance billing is a difficult concept to address because in many ways we are blind to what the patient will be responsible for paying. Even two families with the same brand of insurance has different contracts depending on their employer. We cannot know the specific details of your insurance, so cannot tell you what will be covered at your visit.

Patient responsibility and billing

Our office has recently had an increase in the number of calls questioning bills. This is in large part due to the fact that many insurance companies are putting more financial responsibility on their policy holders and covering less medical costs, which in this difficult economic time is placing financial stress on families. Because of contracts between our office and the insurance company and the patient and the insurance company, there are many rules and laws regarding how to bill and collect payment.

Help with payments for underinsured

The Patient Access Network Foundation is an independent, national 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing underinsured patients with co-payment assistance through 21 disease-specific funds that give them access to the treatments they need. For more information please visit the Patient Access Network Foundation.

Healthcare Act Information

Visit the websites on this page for information on the new Healthcare Act.

Find health information quickly in our parent toolkit.

Illnesses & Symptoms