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We accept most major insurance plans and over 200 others. Call your insurance provider to see if Pediatric Partners is on your plan.

Want to estimate your fees?

If you would like a list of our charges and the associated insurance codes, please send an email request to Our office manager and billing staff have come up with a handout with all the most used codes and their charges. You can use this information to contact your insurance company before a visit to estimate how much your portion of the charge will be.

We cannot publically post it due to federal regulations, but we are happy to share it through our portal or in the office.

We can only give our charges, we cannot determine how your insurance will adjust it or how much they will cover versus how much you will be responsible for. 

  • Formulary Information
    • Our office receives many requests to change a prescription due to insurance cost, but usually we do not know what the preferred medication is. The insurance company provides its members with a formulary, usually available online to its customers but not to the general public (or doctors).

      We cannot prescribe the cheapest medicine unless we know what your formulary is. That requires you to look up the medicines on the formulary. You will need to access your insurance company's website private portal to look up this information.

  • Find health information quickly in our parent toolkit.

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