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Video Visits: Telehealth

We are expanding our use of telehealth to provide the best care for our patients during this time of the COVID19 outbreak.

Register to use telehealth now!

You will be required to return the following signed documents to our office prior to your visit.
  • You can fax them to 913-888-1277 if you have a fax available.
  • If you primarily use our Olathe office:  email to
  • If you primarily use our Overland park office: email to
  • Download the forms below to be able to complete and sign on your computer. Save the completed copy, then return them as above prior to first telehealth visit. You should not need to print them if you download it to be able to use the form on your computer. You can complete the blanks, sign the form, then save and send!

Telehealth visits can only be done with patients who are physically in Kansas at the time of the visit due to liscensing laws. Temporarily due to coronavirus outbreak: State law restrictions are waived. We can see any of our patients at this time. This may change without notice.

Billing and Insurance 

We will bill your insurance as a telehealth visit. Most insurance companies cover this cost as a typical office visit. Self insured plans may exclude this benefit. Everyone will be required to send us an Advance Beneficiary Notice to be able to use this option - see above. 

All standard copays and fees contracted with your insurance company apply.

Effective February 1st, 2020, per industry standards there will be an additional charge for visits that take place on Federal holidays, weekends, and after 5pm on week days. For more information, see our News Page.

Your card on file will be used unless we are otherwise notified. Please see our Financial Policy for more information.

If you have new insurance or payment card information, please message DO NOT send specific card numbers or personal details in this message due to the risk of identity theft.

Before your visit:

You must complete tasks in your portal prior to the visit starting. These will include information about your visit. Check your portal prior to your visit. If you have trouble logging into your child's portal, please call for instructions. 913-888-4567

If your child has a rash, pictures are often helpful due to graininess of the video. Please send a picture of your child's rash or skin lesion to the location you commonly use:
Be sure you know how to use your device's camera and microphone for a video visit.

At the Appointment Time

At the time of your appointment you can to log into the appropriate "waiting room." The individual "waiting room" URLs are listed below the teal instruction box, but you must schedule prior to visiting the site or we will not know you are there.

Once you are logged in, please wait for us to log in as well. It can be difficult to know an exact time we will be available during a typical office day, but we will be with you as soon as possible. We may still be with another patient when you first log in, much like in the office. The benefits to you are that you can work on things at home near your computer while you wait and you don't spend time driving to and from our office.

Please make sure your child is available for the visit unless this is a consult with parents only, which is typically only done for behavior concerns. Like an office visit, we need to see the patient!

Please use the following tips to make this visit successful:

Click on the appropriate link at your appointment time: Do not copy/paste.
  • Please click on the URL after "Click here" to go to the waiting room.
  • Use the email link if a photo needs to be sent for rashes, injuries, or other visual aides for the visit. Email is NOT a secure means of messaging. It should not include any identifying information.

To meet with Dr. Carter:  Click here   

To meet with Dr. Mellick: Click here  

To meet with Dr. Ratliff: Click here 

To meet with Dr. Stuppy: Click here 

To meet with Amy Bakken, APRN:  Click here  

To meet with Valerie Froelich, APRN: Click here 

To meet with Trisha Kuhlman, APRN: Click here 

To meet with MacKinzie Maxson, APRN:  Click here 

To meet with Summer Smith, APRN; Click here:


Common Questions:

Is this secure?

We take security seriously. We have chosen to use, which complies with HIPAA and HITECH requirements. uses state of the art security and encryption protocols to assure that data integrity and privacy is maintained. No recording is made of the visit. It will be documented in the patient chart like any other visit. 

Does insurance cover the cost?

The state of Kansas passed its telemedicine parity law on May 12, 2018. The law requires private payers to cover telehealth services. Self insured plans may opt out of this benefit. *** Missouri has had a parity law as well and we can temporarily practice across state lines due to COVID19. ***

Why can we not use the service if we're not in Kansas?

*** During the COVID19 outbreak, there is a temporary waiver for telemedicine across state lines, so we will be able to see our patients if they are out of state based on this. We do not know when this ends, but at least for now our Missouri patients can take advantage of it. ***
Our physicians and nurse practitioners are licensed to practice in the state of Kansas. The location of the patient is what counts legally, so we are limited to seeing patients who are currently in Kansas.

Why does the video sometimes freeze and what can we do when it happens?

The encrypted video and audio use a lot of bandwith, so sometimes the video freezes. For this reason we recommend having a phone nearby to use to continue the conversation while the video reloads. There is also a chat box that can be used to communicate by text if there are complications using the audio and video. (This texting alone does NOT meet criteria for the telehealth visit. We must be able to have audio and visual communication to meet criteria.)

Older computer models seem to struggle with this site at times. If you have a newer computer or smart phone, it may be the better choice for this visit.

For more information: 

Visit the site

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