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"This is where I want my kids to be taken care of."

"My name is Lindsey and I work for Pediatric Partners. I’m also a mom who brings my children to Pediatric Partners. I have three kids who I have brought here ever since I’ve started working here because as soon as I started working here, I realized this is where I wanted my kids to be taken care of. I love the doctors. I love all my fellow nurses, and all of the front staff that helps us whenever they are here. They are warm and welcoming; the nurses are attentive and kind. And our doctors are knowledgeable and kind to my kids and they just make them feel happy when they are here. If I didn’t work here I would still bring my kids here, and I plan to bring them here as long as they are in need of a pediatrician. I would bring my kids here no matter what."

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